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KGE 0.0.9 Released

Kochol Game Engine 0.0.9 Released.terrain

I am going to refactor KGE design in next releases so you may not see many new features in next releases but you see tutorials and more documents updates and many bug fixes in next releases.

In this version I wrote a memory manager that uses nedmalloc to manage memory and have a memory tracker that can tell memory leaks for you.

3 new tutorials has been written for Camera movement, Animated meshes and terrain

You can download it from here

Changes in this version:

– A bug in Calculating animation on CPU Fixed.
– Add some information to memory leak log
– Fix 3 bugs in tile terrain
– Add 05terrain tutorial showing how to use tile terrain.
– Add KgeArray
– Fix bugs in KgeMemory
– Add KgeMemory::ReallocateBytes
– Use KgeMemory for memory managment
– Add 02Input tutorial for show how to use keyboard and moving the camera

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  1. Hi,
    I think the example 05 Terrain doesn’t work correctly on my computer.
    Can you post one screenshot ?

  2. sampad1370 said:

    good work.
    nice work.

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