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KGE 0.1.0 Released

Kochol Game Engine 0.1.0 released.

The new features in this version

  • OpenGL render plugin added.
    • This version has OpenGL renderer plugin that uses CG shaders for shader language. So many parts of engine can now be rendered with OpenGL. The Renderer interface refactored a lot in this version to support OpenGL renderer.¬†
  • Task manager
    • Task manager implemented in this version to add multithreading ¬†functionality to engine.
  • Entity system
    • A component base and multithreaded entity system implemented in this version that can handle game logics easily.
  • File system
    • The new file system design can virtually load files from internet, archives or any where


The complete changes are:

  • ¬†Add EntitySystem tool
  • Add 08EntitySystem tutorial
  • Upgraded from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.0
  • Add mouse wheel event listener
  • Add LoaderDDS for loading DDS textures with this loader
  • Add Stream class for streaming data from varius locations
  • Add FileSystem and FileSystemManager for serching a file in different locations.
  • Add Renderer_ogl plugin
  • Refactor the Renderer class
  • Remove some gui classes
  • Add CG shaders to opengl renderer plugin
  • Add KgeThread
  • Add KgeMutex
  • Add TaskManager
  • Add TaskManagerThread
  • Add Task interface
  • Add TaskGroup
  • Update CPU class
  • Update Timer class to work with SDL
  • Add TSQueue a Tread Safe Queue
  • Add KgeLock to make use of KgeMutex easier

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  1. Thank you for your open source engine.

    Can you upload compiled files of your engine for every version , too?
    because i have problems for compile that and maybe some people haven’t compiler or don’t want to use source code and just download it for use. tanx

  2. I put compiled debug version on every releases in bin folder but I need information from users to make KGE more user friendly.

  3. yes i saw!
    i had problem with run them and fix it today
    for exe files : plugin d3dx9d_43.dll wasn’t compatible by my system and i change that

    and for sources : copy all dll files from bin to my system32 folder ( just for offer Maybe is better create an simple install file for copy them because of lazy programmers :)

    can you explain this movie :

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